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A few things to note when it comes to equipment…

For anyone starting yoga, all you really need is a good mat and clothes that you can comfortably stretch and sweat in. Your mat can become a bit slippery, so it’s best to purchase a non-slip mat. Most studios have wooden floors so thick mats are nice, but if you’re practising on carpet at home, go for a thinner mat. If you’re prone to sore joints, getting a slightly thicker mat may be more comfortable, especially for your wrists and knees. We’ve found a few that’ll do the trick!

Lulu Lemon offers a good quality rubber yoga mat with a non-slip top, for $79. Available here


Gaiam offers a thick and comfortable yoga mat for $65.50, which is great for beginners. Available here.


Alo is a sustainable, ethical brand which offers a high-end yoga mat for $160, which is thicker and wider than average. It’s well suited for those invested in long-term yoga practice, or those seeking comfort, and this mat will last much longer than cheap alternatives. Available here


Kmart offers a $22 cork top yoga mat, which is non-slip, light and thin. This is a great low-budget mat, ideal for those who want to try out yoga but may be unsure if they’ll pursue it. Available here.  

Get into the yogi spirit

There are plenty of high-quality yoga classes available for free on YouTube, thanks to a large handful of generous yoga instructors. Below are some recommendations. Get into the yogi spirit and try out a few to see what you think for yourself!

Yoga with Adriene is one of the most popular yoga channels on YouTube. Adriene offers several hundred free videos of varying lengths, styles and difficulties. It’s perfect for beginners through to advanced yogis. 


Bright & Salted Yoga with Arianna Elizabeth offers a variety of classes, for beginner and intermediate yogis. New videos are released every Monday and Wednesday and as well as yoga, there are meditations. 


Breathe & Flow offers yoga classes from two highly qualified yoga teachers, Bre and Flo. Their free classes are well categorised into playlists, and they have more available for people who pay a subscription fee. 


Sarah Beth Yoga offers a few hundred yoga classes including hatha, vinyasa, restorative and power yoga. Her channel is well suited to beginners. She has more 45-minute classes available on her app. 


Travis Eliot offers a variety of free yoga classes and mediations on his channel. Note, the channel isn’t as easy to navigate as others and the free classes are limited. If you like his style, consider subscribing to his app, Inner Dimension, for more classes.


Our instructors will equip you will all the tools you need to begin your journey. But why not begin building awareness and consciousness with simple and quick meditation practice. This will support your breath to better connect the mind and body in your practice of yoga

Calm is a well-regarded meditation app, offering many short meditations shown to help manage anxiety and to improve sleep. Membership costs $70/year and they offer a free 7-day trial. 
Headspace is another well-regarded mediation app which offers many types of mediations, with an emphasis on mindfulness. Membership costs $91.99/year, or $19.99/monthly. There is a free 14-day trial which includes a 10-day beginner’s course to meditation. 
Insight Timer is a meditation app which offers over 45,000 free meditations. They also offer a premium access subscription which costs $60/year. For more info, click here.  

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