GI Yoga Group Program

for Functional Gut Disorders, brought to you by The Gut Centre.

Our purpose, passion & commitment to you…

The Gut Centre has the most experience in using brain-gut therapies to treat functional gut disorders in Australia. We are proud to be the pioneers and leaders in our field, an area also known as psychogastroenterology. Our multidisciplinary team offers a range of treatment options and expertise…which is why we are so enthused to bring you our GI Yoga program, offering an alternative therapy opportunity that is founded by our long-standing mission, perspective and knowledge.



GI Yoga Program

We’ve designed a Group Yoga Program based on clinical research about the benefits of yoga for functional gut disorders. Join us for combinations of stretches/postures, breath practices, mindfulness, meditation, and self-exploration…and receive both physical and psychological benefits along the way.

The nature of yoga is to

Shine the light of awareness into the darkest corners of the body.

How are we different?

We offer Group Yoga as a psychological intervention that assists with alleviating functional gastrointestinal disorders in-line with scientific research. Our facilitators are registered psychologists as well as qualified yoga instructors.

Benefits of Yoga

There is extensive research on the benefits of yoga for gastric intestinal disorders, such as IBS. Yoga instills a broad range of tools that regulate the body’s stress response and the communication along the brain-gut axis.

New to Yoga?

Not too sure if you are capable enough to commit to the GI Yoga program? Of course you are, it is suitable for the ability and needs of all! Although, if you are new to yoga entirely and wary of getting started, let us show you all you need to know…

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