About Us

At The Gut Centre, we focus on using brain-gut therapies to treat functional gut disorders. Our clinic, established in this field of psychogastroenterology, provides a Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) approach. We genuinely feel privileged to have such an amazing, caring and knowledgeable team of GI expert practitioners. We are dedicated and passionate about helping our patients achieve the best possible outcomes; reduce the suffering of debilitating GI symptoms, manage and reduce stress and increase feelings of health, happiness, general wellbeing and quality of life. To do so, we provide comprehensive care to our patients, with treatment options of Gut-directed Psychology and Hypnotherapy, Pelvic floor Physiotherapy and Dietetics. We provide the largest team of GI expert Psychologists/Gut-directed Hypnotherapists in Australia.

Our Founder 

Our founder and director Dr Jim Kantidakis has more than 14years experience in treating brain-gut disorders and was the first Australian to travel and undergo training from leading Gastroenterologist, Prof Whorewell and the founding gut-directed hypnotherapy team in Manchester, in the UK. His passion in the area of gastroenterology inspired him to develop and train his own team of expert practitioners under ‘The Gut Centre’.

To find out more about us, head to our website here.

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