The group teaches you to understand your gut condition and gives you practical skills and yoga practices to manage symptoms. Also, patients often find it helpful to hear from others experiencing similar symptoms, so the group environment is also supportive.

Please visit the sign up tab on our website and it will take you through the registration process. Any difficulties with your registration, please contact our reception team on 1300 488 287 and they will assist you.

As a group therapy program, attendance is important as it can affect the dynamics of the group and impact other participants. If you are unable to attend a group session due to illness or an emergency, please contact the clinic on 1300 488 287 prior to the group session. Unfortunately the yoga practice is only done live so you will be unable to have access to the session content. However, we are unable to provide a Medicare rebate for sessions unattended.

You will receive a medicare rebate for each individual session once the session is attended. This will be paid directly into your bank account. The Medicare rebate is $22.90 per session.

Unlike studio yoga that is generalised and often targets physical fitness and wellbeing, the GI Yoga Program is a therapy program facilitated by registered psychologists who are also qualified yoga instructors. The yoga practice is designed specifically for functional gastrointestinal disorders and is used as a tool to support improvement of symptoms and related distress. Unlike studio yoga, there is therapeutic intent behind our yoga practices. The GI Yoga Program also includes a psychoeducation component consisting of therapeutic strategies to help with thought processes and stress management.

You will learn some breathing strategies that help with pain, bloating, reflux, stress and sleep issues. You will also learn about how thoughts and emotions affect the functioning of your gut, and what you can do to manage these cycles. There is a strong focus on helping you to set goals around your health and to learn to self-manage your condition. The group is based on cognitive-behaviour therapy (CBT) which has lots of evidence for managing IBS and related conditions.

The online delivery of our program ensures that our program is accessible to a range of people with functional gastrointestinal disorders no matter where located in Australia. In our new COVID-19 aware climate, it ensures that the practice will be consistently and conveniently accessed. Due to the Zoom platform that we use, the program will still be personable and ensure a safe and effective yoga experience.

Unfortunately there is no easy answer to this. Some treatments are complimentary to psychological interventions. However, it is always best to consult with your current professional if you have concerns.

Contrary to popular belief, yoga is not about flexibility! It is about practicing to meet your individual needs. The GI Program is designed so that it can be practiced no matter what your level of experience is. Both beginners and more advanced practitioners will benefit from the program. You also don’t have to be flexible to attend!

Although yoga stems from Eastern traditions that are of a spiritual nature, yoga itself is not religious and can be practiced with your own individual beliefs in mind. Also, our program is designed specifically through a psychological lense rather than a spiritual/religious one.

Although the practice is designed to be adaptable, it does involve some floor and standing postures. It is best to consult with a medical professional regarding this. We also recommend that you disclose injuries or limitations during the assessment process so that we can offer the best advice regarding this.

It’s always your choice whether you want to attend or not. We do ask for at least 48 hours’ notice if you are planning to cancel. If you attend and half way decide you want to withdraw, one of the clinicians will speak to you in private about your reasons for leaving as we need to make sure you’re safe.

Although we recommend that you do the physical component of the practice in a space that is free from obstacles (i.e., not close to furniture), just enough space to lie comfortably on the floor should be enough space to practice. In our resource tab, we have information regarding where you can purchase a yoga mat; however, if you have a carpeted non-slippery service, this may not be required. You also don’t need other equipment. If you have cushions or pillows, these should be sufficient as yoga props; however, the practice is designed so that a lot of props are not required.

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