We must lay the foundations that allow wellbeing to flow, 

rather than restrict its fluency within us.

In rehabilitation terms, yoga has both physical and psychological benefits. At the core of its philosophy lie values of acceptance, decentralisation, compassion, and detachment, all of which are central to mindful self-awareness and improved quality of life. There is extensive research on the benefits of yoga for gastric intestinal disorders such as IBS. This is understandable considering yoga contains a broad range of tools that regulate the body’s stress response and the communication along the brain-gut axis, as well as other more contemplative approaches that help build awareness.

Some of the benefits of yoga for gastrointestinal health:

Improved physical fitness and flexibility – strengthening particular areas and allowing better control of engaging and relaxing muscle groups

Reduced inappropriate activation of the automatic nervous system or fight-flight-freeze response – leading to reduced symptoms of anxiety and stress

Builds repertoire of stress management strategies that can be employed in everyday circumstances that would normally cause a heightened/repressed activation of bodily systems

Stimulation of the vagus nerve – creating space for regulation between the gut-brain axis

Offers tools, such as breathing techniques, postures, and meditation, that can help alleviate panic, anxiety and stress, and lift mood

Shifts the relationship between the mind and body by challenging judgemental thoughts about having to be a certain way or achieve a certain result – we are encouraged to be imperfect in our postures and use the practice to explore rather than master and to discover things about ourselves rather than be a particular way, which helps improve sense of self

Enable us to connect with the body in a different way through attention to a variety of sensations – helps shift hyper-awareness of gut symptoms or thoughts regarding the body being “dysfunctional”

Overall improved quality of life


Our Group GI Yoga Therapy has benefits of its own…

The program is a complete therapy with all the benefits of yoga practice plus added support, information and access to other helpful resources 

The group setting allows for a safe space to communicate with and learn from others who experience similar symptoms, anxieties and stresses

The intervention offers an alternative treatment for those who may not be ready to engage in psychological therapy, or have previously tried other forms of treatment and/or medication in attempts to improve gut health and overall wellbeing

Medicare rebates are available

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